Who am I?

I’m Tom. We’ve probably exchanged emails, spoken at an event or perhaps someone forwarded my credentials to you for you to visit my site. In any event, I am honored you took the time.

What is there to know?

I am a well-rounded jack-of-all-trades. That means I am equipped and/or trained to do a lot of things, which helps me gain insight from different perspectives.

In the field of business development and growth hacking people often speak of the T-shape skill set that is required to perceive all the challenges an organisation, product or service faces. Instead of looking at it from the one single discipline, someone with the T-shape skill set can see the different issues to perceive the underlying problems.

So what are my skills?

I started in web development in 2001 when I needed a platform to host my video and animation productions. After finishing the platform I was immediately drawn to all the possibilities for positioning myself in the market. That’s how I first came into contact with branding through marketing and communication.

In the years that followed, my natural interest in IT and digital services matured. To strengthen the vision I had for the market and to be closer to product development I joined the bachelor programme for Media & User Experience Design in 2009.

Currently, I’m the head of Marketing and Digital at a publisher that organizes high-end events for the CxO market.

At this stage, that means I am knowledgeable on many different disciplines through experience, study and interest. I am profound in design, behavioral user psychology, coding, data & analytics, marketing, product/service development, business development, media and communication.

These disciplines combined provide me with the skills to easily infiltrate into an organisation to help it overcome obstacles and contribute to growth.

So, what can I do you for?